Sunday Afternoon Out

Recently my mum and dad kindly offered to take loodles away in their motor home with her cousin for a couple of nights……This meant that we were child free yesterday afternoon. Now I had intended on writing a post about some handy tips I have found whilst researching for our trip to New York but hubby persuaded me to abandon that idea. Instead he suggested a visit to one of our favourite local restaurants for a quick drink and some nibbles. I was easily persuaded 🙂


Our venue of choice was the Oyster and Otter and its literally 5 minutes down the road. It’s a seafood restaurant and they never fail to impress with their unusual and flavoursome variety of specials. I highly recommend their deep-fried brie with smokey chilli jam its delicious. If you do fancy visiting pop over to for details and location.

The staff are always very welcoming when we visit and the restaurant is set up with cosy area’s if you just want to relax and chill out instead of sitting formally round a dinner table.

Needless to say we had a lovely child free sunday afternoon out – sorry loodles though she is having a ball with grandma and grandad!



New York New York

Howdy peeps. What a wet and miserable day it is in Lancashire today!! As much as this would normally depress me today I am too busy celebrating the fact that it is only 1 week till we fly off on our holiday :-).

2 years ago our lovely friends and neighbours emigrated to Orlando. We miss them a lot but are secretly pleased they chose America to live so we can visit them and America all at the same time. They live around 20 minutes from Disney so the location is perfect.  Since they moved we have been out twice to stay with them.

Now you may wonder what that has to do with New York? well this year we decided we would take a little detour on our way to Orlando and spend a couple of nights in New York. New York has been on our wish list for a while now. I’m so excited I could crush a grape .  Only those born in the 70’s who used to watch Crack a Jack on a Friday teatime will understand my last statement…..

In preparation for New York we ok I have been doing some research and planning (yes there is a spread sheet involved !) as we have quite a bit to cram in.  I’ll pop back tomorrow to talk about our plans and to share some hopefully useful tips for others visiting the big apple.

T x


First blog post

Hello everyone. This is my very first post on my shiny new blog so I had better introduce myself…….

I’m Tina and I’m 41 years old. I live in sunny Lancashire with my hubby, our 10 year old daughter Loodles (thats not her real name obvs its just her nickname. she’s actually called Lili), and our 2 cats ziggy and stardust. I hope my blog provides you with useful tips and info and that you find the posts interesting.

IMG_3736 (1)

As a family we love days out and Mr G and myself love eating out and staying a nice hotels when we get the chance.  I have a serious obsession with pretty stationery (but what girl doesnt!) and I am very creative. I have been crafting for the last 15 years. 5 years ago the hobby became so popular I had to set it up as a business. I no longer run that after making a very tough life decision after the business became far too succesful.  These day i still dabble in crafting and will upload some posts of my craft projects over time.

I’m also a bit of a geek and love spreadsheets and writing lists (just wish i stuck to them!!).

For now its bye from me but i’ll back tomorrow to talk about our upcoming to holiday to New York – excited muchly!!