New York New York

Howdy peeps. What a wet and miserable day it is in Lancashire today!! As much as this would normally depress me today I am too busy celebrating the fact that it is only 1 week till we fly off on our holiday :-).

2 years ago our lovely friends and neighbours emigrated to Orlando. We miss them a lot but are secretly pleased they chose America to live so we can visit them and America all at the same time. They live around 20 minutes from Disney so the location is perfect.  Since they moved we have been out twice to stay with them.

Now you may wonder what that has to do with New York? well this year we decided we would take a little detour on our way to Orlando and spend a couple of nights in New York. New York has been on our wish list for a while now. I’m so excited I could crush a grape .  Only those born in the 70’s who used to watch Crack a Jack on a Friday teatime will understand my last statement…..

In preparation for New York we ok I have been doing some research and planning (yes there is a spread sheet involved !) as we have quite a bit to cram in.  I’ll pop back tomorrow to talk about our plans and to share some hopefully useful tips for others visiting the big apple.

T x



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