My Slimming World Journey…Watch this space!

So I decided a few weeks back that I need to lose around a stone and a half to get back to the slim figure I used to be. 12 years ago I lost 2 and half stone on weightwatchers and over the years (including having lili 10 years ago) i have, in the main managed to maintain the weight…….up until this year that is.  Now i like to blame it on the fact that I’m now in my forties but deep down i know its probably more to do with all the socialising, eating out, drinking too much at weekend than my age.

Earlier in the year I took the plunge and took my now slightly plumper bum back to weightwatchers. For some reason though i just couldn’t liken to it like I used to.  I found that I was still hungry by the end of the day and I was replacing healthy food for low calorie, not so good food. Needless to say my weight loss was unsuccesful.

Week last Monday after yet another over indulgent weekend I eat my last takeaway and took my now even plumper bum to my local Slimming World group.  Now I have heard of the concept of Slimming World like everyone has so i knew it would be easy to follow and it is. For anyone living under a rock who hasnt heard of it you can eat as much of the foods listed as “free” one food from the healthy A list and one from the healthy B list. In addition to this you can eat between 5-15 syns a day ( a glass of white wine is 7 syns eeek).

On Monday I did my first weigh in since starting the plan and I have lost 2lb. I was hoping for more in my first week but we were out at the weekend for a meal with family to celebrate my mum’s 70th Birthday so i suppose its not bad.

I’ll keep you posted on how I go on and I will be doing more posts this week on some of the fab recipes and tips I’ve picked up so far. If you are a slimming World fan make sure you follow my blog to get updates.

For now i’ll leave you with a photo of this scrummy syn free breakfast that I had this morning. Well hubby had one actually.  Anyone wanting to make it (you can make it the night before then leave it in the fridge) this is the link to the recipe.  This blog is also fantastic for lots of slimming world info and recipes and the posts are so funny you will be crying with laughter. Mark my words….


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