Less than 10 weeks till Christmas….


So when you read the title of this post you are now doing one of two things. Either feeling a moment of excitement and happiness and feeling fairly organised OR thinking I really must start preparing. Of course some people are just fly by the seat of you pants kinda guys and leave everything till Christmas eve and it doesn’t stress them out. Which are you?

I am the kind that likes to be organised and I start planning months in advance. Now don’t for one minute thing that means I actually end up with everything sorted and organised way before Christmas because it doesn’t! By any stretch. Because i start organising months in advance it means that come December I’m feeling pretty good and think ok most of its done i can relax a bit now…Of course the things that are actually done are the easy things like presents for those easy to buy for, fun get together arranged etc. What isn’t done is the hard gifts where you have no idea what to buy someone.

This year I’m determined to be better. lets see how that one pans out shall we……………

In the meantime here is a few things I do to try to prepare for Christmas.

  1. I usually prepare a list with everyone’s names on and some idea’s of what to get them. There are loads of free ones that you can print off Pinterest.  This is the one I have used this year Christmas list printable from a lovely blogger named Chrissy. If you are on Pinterest don’t forget to follow my  Christmas Board and printables and wrapping board for hundreds of links to fab free printables and christmas Idea’s.
  2. Prepare a separate list that has the items you have bought and who they are for so you don’t end up over buying . I used to forget what i had bought and ended up with too much so started doing this a few years back.
  3. Once you start buying gifts put them in separate bags for each family. So I put all the gifts for my sister, her husband and there 3 girls into one large bag.  It means you can tackle wrapping them in family bundles and you have a bag to transport them in and keep them all together.
  4. Keep empty glass bottles throughout the year. there are so many fab projects you can make such a candle holders or Xmas themed decor and large ones are great for putting sweets or chocolates in a and giving as gifts.
  5. Write your christmas cards in bundles. do one batch each weekend through out Oct or Nov then you don’t get over aced. Even spending 15 minutes in batches will make it seem less monotonous and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel not having to spend hours one night writing them.
  6. Buy your Christmas wrapping paper in the january Sales if you can so you have it ready. I always buy some that is multi purpose as i can never gauge how much i will need in total. If the wrapping paper is plain or without Xmas decor you can use it whenever you like. You can always jazz it up with Christmas ribbon if you don’t think its festive enough 🙂
  7. Start collecting recipes in advance so you can plan what you are going to make. Again pinterest is fab for this and I have hundreds of recipes across my boards

Hope these help some of you and my next post will be on how to keep the costs down and still have a fab Christmas.

T x



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